Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Honolulu, HI

Are you in desperate need for water damage restoration in Honolulu? At Fujinaga Contracting, LLC anything from water damage repair, to tricky leaks, can be solved by our experienced professionals. We are one of Honolulu's most trusted water damage repair service companies. No two water damage repair companies are exactly alike, so let our trained professionals save you the time and effort in your search for a qualified company. Our highly skilled Honolulu team will work with you to ensure that your home or business is completely restored, and put your flood calamity in the rearview mirror.

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Honolulu Water Damage Restoration Professionals

The professionals we provide have the knowledge, equipment and dedication to get you out of nearly any water damage situation in Honolulu. Cleaning up water damage requires an experienced eye. Our team is comprised of experts with years of experience in water damage assessment. Our team holds itself to the highest standards. Our trained crew provides some of the best water damage restoration you'll find in the Honolulu area.

Exceptional, Thorough Water Damage Repair for Honolulu

Water damage can be more serious than at first glance, so when it comes to water damage repair, be sure to go with an experienced team that doesn't let anything slip through the cracks. At Fujinaga Contracting, LLC we take the task of water damage repair seriously. Our team always tries to give our customers the most value for their money. Whether it's a large-scale basement flood, or some minor bathroom flooding, our Honolulu team has the expertise to get the job done.

High-Quality Water Damage Repair Service in Honolulu

We use the finest technology in the water damage industry to ensure that our Honolulu customers are getting top-of-the-line service. Don't leave a water emergency to chance, always go with a company that has a strong reputation in water damage repair service. Even minuscule flood situations can turn costly if an inexperienced crew is called, so don't hesitate to contact our high-quality team if water permeates your Honolulu home or business.


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When it comes to general contracting on the island of Oahu, put your safety and security in the experienced hands of Fujinaga Contracting, LLC. We proudly serve the residents of Oahu, and we strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible. From general contracting work for roofing, gutters and more, to water damage restoration, Fujinaga Contracting, LLC in Honolulu offers full-service home remodeling. For a free estimate, give us a call today.